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Why take a degree match test?

We have partnered with the world’s best career test company. Using advanced machine learning, psychometrics, and career satisfaction data, we’ve reimagined what a career test can be.

Stressed Woman
Stressed Woman

What should I study?

Discover your top career matches using Career Explorer’s cutting-edge science

How does career test works?

  • Measure who you are

  • Calculate career attributes

  • Compare the data

  • Determine your top career matches

Financial Report
Stressed Woman
Young Smiling Lawyer
  • Career fields you should consider

  • Number of specific careers that fit you

  • How much money you can earn in careers that fit you

  • Your core strengths applied in a work environment

  • Your group performance style

  • Potential weaknesses in your work personality

  • Your quest - "what drives your actions"

What does Test results show?

Let us help you choose your career wisely!
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