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College Clubs – Let’s Get Involved!

Student organizations, or student groups, are common in American Community Colleges, and for that very reason, we see them represented in movies and TV series — like book clubs or music clubs. Such environments help students, especially foreign students, to participate in activities, learn more about the local culture and meet their fellow students.

Community Colleges have a large number of these groups and colleges encourage students to participate, since the interaction within the community is fundamental to the community college experience.

There are student organizations that address various topics, from those that discuss politics, history, music, arts and sports, to those that involve more alternative topics such as types of tea. In this post we will showcase 2 very popular clubs: book club and music club. Please keep in mind that the structure of each of these clubs varies from college to college, this is just an example.

Book Club

In this type of club, avid readers seek to share their experiences and views on the same book, opening up the opportunity for new points of view. Usually a few books are selected per month and during the weekly (or monthly) meetings participants talk about their interpretation of each chapter and what they are thinking of reading.

In addition to being a great reading incentive, these clubs help many international students to acquire more fluency in English.

Music Club

This club is not just for those who know how to play an instrument, but for music lovers. Many of these clubs get together and listen to songs together and talk about the lyrics and melody, and in some cases they even play and cover the songs. Because there are many different types of music, often a Community College may have more than one music-focused club, with each one focused on a specific style of music.

Have you ever participated in a student group? What was your experience?

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