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This Is Why You Should Attend A Community College In The U.S. (Part II)

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Hi there! Welcome back to our series where we share with you reasons why you should attend a community college. This series is all about introducing to you some of the advantages that community colleges offer to international students that want to start their higher education in the U.S.

Today we are sharing with you part 2 of 8, of these advantages, (if you want to read part I just click here) and we are talking about one of the most popular topics which is tuition costs.

Tuition costs, which are the fees we pay to a university/college in order to get a degree are generally high, especially for international students. Tuition costs are one of the most challenging topics for international students and are often the reason why many leave behind their plans to come to the U.S.

The rising tuition costs in the U.S. can lead to student loans and increase the difficulty for international students to study abroad, taking into consideration that there are other fees associated with it like living expenses. That is where community colleges fill in the financial difficulty gap.

Tuition costs and additional fees are significantly lower at community colleges in comparison to four-year universities. The average cost per semester is typically 50% of state universities. Students can expect to save $15 to $70 thousand over the course of their education, putting them in a financially advantageous position upon graduation.

Lower tuition costs allow students to explore their areas of interest without spending too much money. Attending a community college allows you to take all the basic courses and save money while doing it, financially preparing you to transfer to a university. There are even some community colleges that offer financial aid, which only increases your savings for starting your higher education. For international students who are interested in starting their higher education in the U.S. community colleges offer a great incentive by lowering tuition costs. This gives you the opportunity of achieving a higher education abroad in a flexible and accessible way.

As always we are sharing three colleges with you today:

  1. Santiago Canyon College

Located in Orange, California, this college offers diverse programs and certification paths, transfer successes, and accessible state-of-the-art facilities.

Learn more here

2. College of the Canyons

Located in Santa Clarita, California, this college is ranked top 5 among the California Community Colleges with high transfer and student success rates. It is also one of the lowest tuition colleges, offering intensive ESL programs to get students ready for College level work.

Learn more here

3. Lone Star College

Serving the Northern portions of the Greater Houston, Texas is a college known for achieving exceptional levels of success in student learning, student completion, gainful employment, equity, and affordability. Lone Star College was also named the best Community College in the Houston Area.

Learn more here

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