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What is a community College?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from students, and the answer is quite simple!!!😁😁.

Community Colleges are 2-year institutions that offer students the opportunity to start their degree in an affordable way, with the option of transferring to a 4-year university after they graduate from college. In addition, they have several advantages, such as:

1. Costs

A year at a community college is half the cost of attending a University.

The costs of tuition for an undergraduate degree at a university can exceed US$40,000. At a community college, fees for the same period can cost less than $10,000.

2. Selection Process

Community colleges have selection processes, with mandatory documents and cut-off grades on fluency tests, but they are less rigorous and competitive than those of universities.

3. Proportion of Students and Teachers

Community colleges in the United States are smaller institutions than traditional universities. Therefore, the classes are also smaller. With a small classroom and with fewer students, this provides an ease in the interaction between students and teachers, in addition to enabling the exchange of opinions during class.

This interaction is not always possible in large universities, which usually have auditorium-shaped classrooms with dozens to hundreds of students.

Community colleges also offer many one year certificate and vocational education programs in partnership with industry. As well, they are accredited by the same institution which makes the transfer possible.

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