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Community Colleges in the United States in addition to offering great educational opportunities, also provide an immersive experience in American culture through living on or near campus.

Many campuses in addition to having the academic side (with laboratories, classrooms and libraries) often have sports complexes and dormitories for students who wish to live on campus.

It is very common for students to live on campus (it is even recommended that international students stay at least 1 year on campus in order to really live the American experience).

Rooms on campus accommodation are usually shared by 2 people, this not only increases the capacity of people living on campus, it also allows for a great deal of interaction between students who are likely to have different nationalities and customs.

Most college campuses in the US have a buffet style cafeteria on campus, where students can have their meals, even on weekends. Meal plans vary depending on the student, who can choose to pay monthly or per meal, for example. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are generally served.

In addition, it has been proven that students who live on campus for at least their freshman year of college are more likely to:

• Stay at college until graduation;

• Have greater interactions with teachers and students;

• Participate in more activities on campus; and

• Get more out of their college experience.

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